County Committee is the grassroots leadership of the GOP, it is composed of neighborhood voting district leaders elected by Republicans in the same voting district during the primary. In order to be elected during the primary and be on the ballot, candidates must submit petitions with the signatures of registered Republicans in their district. County Committee members, once elected, make up the body of the Republican County Committee - the official party organ of the county. They also organize along municipal lines into Republican Municipal Committees becoming each town’s official GOP organization. In many counties across NJ, the County Committee meets regularly in meetings open to all Republicans or in closed meetings only for elected members. In Hudson County the official County Committee and party has one meeting, every two years. Some Republican Municipal Committees in Hudson County have regular quarterly meetings, others do not.

If you want to build a strong Republican committee that will have regular meetings, empower Republicans across the county, and fight for common sense, than run for GOP County Committee!


If you want to organize with other Republicans to take on the corrupt Democratic Machine and the Political Bosses that are bleeding Hudson County residents dry, stealing our rights, and lifting money out of our wallets, than we need you to run for Hudson County Republican Committee!

Petitions are available at your municipal clerk’s office and are due March 30th. Elections for county committee, which are by each voting district, will be held simultaneously with the June Republican primary.

County Committee Interest Form

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